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CAA Anticipating Busy Roadside Holiday Season

December 22, 2011 7:15 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Despite little snow and warmer than usual temperatures, CAA Manitoba still expects to field thousands of calls from motorists needing assistance this holiday season.

From December 23 to January 2, the motor club anticipates more than 4,200 members will require some form of roadside assistance.

“Becoming stranded on the roadside can quickly dampen your holiday spirit,” said CAA Manitoba spokesperson Liz Peters. “Whether you’re planning short day trips or long distance holiday travel, having your vehicle properly maintained and prepared for the rigors of winter driving will help ensure you to your destination safely — and on time, too.”

CAA says they’re able to fix more than 70 percent of all problems on the side of the road, such as replacing vehicle batteries, performing jump starts, changing tires, and extricating vehicles from snow.

“But despite an impressive ‘on-the-go’ rate, we still expect to tow more than 1,100 vehicles during the holiday season,” Peters added.

Peters said motorists can avoid the causes of some roadside breakdowns by keeping their vehicle properly maintained.

While the need to pull vehicles from the snow and boost batteries may be lower this holiday season due to the weather, CAA says they will stil be busy with other services, such as fuel delivery and lockout assistance.