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VIDEO: Wood Bison Coin Unveiled to the Public

January 13, 2012 2:40 PM | News

A new commemorative 25-cent Wood Bison circulation coin was made available to the public Friday at the Manitoba Legislature.


The Royal Canadian Mint unveiled the quarter — the third of five 2011 commemorative coins honouring Canada’s legendary nature. The public had the opportunity to pick up the new piece of currency during a coin exchange before it goes into regular circulation on January 16.

Canada’s Wood Bison coin — produced at the Mint’s Winnipeg facility — has been preceded by a one-dollar circulation coin dedicated to the centennial of Parks Canada and a two-dollar coin featuring Canada’s Boreal Forest. Future coins include the 25-cent piece featuring the Orca and Peregrine Falcon.

The public can also trade their loose change for the new coin at the Mint’s Winnipeg boutique from January 17-18. Similar exchanges are scheduled for boutique locations in Ottawa and Vancouver next week.

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