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Tim Hortons Changes Cup Sizes Countrywide

January 23, 2012 8:18 AM | News

The new Tim Hortons cup sizes are available in all markets after being tested in select locations over the past several months. (TIM HORTONS / HANDOUT)

Ordering a beverage at Tim Hortons today could throw you off if you’re not familiar with the new cup sizes.

The popular Canadian coffee chain has rolled out new cup sizes to accommodate a new, larger 24-ounce cup.

What was formerly a small coffee will now be the new extra small. The new medium coffee will be the old large, while the old extra large coffee is the new large size. Make sense? The new extra large is 700 millilitres of liquid, or roughly three cups.

Beverage prices won’t change because of the new sizes, only their names.

Tim Hortons tried the new sizes in select markets before expanding the changes nationwide beginning today. The chain says its cup sizes now fall in line with their competitors, namely Second Cup, Starbucks and McDonald’s.