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Good Ol’ Hockey Game Played on River Rinks

January 27, 2012 8:16 AM | Sports


A three-day hockey tournament this weekend will make good use of the recently-opened river rinks at The Forks.

The 12th Annual River Pond Classic Shinny Hockey Tournament begins tonight at The Forks’ Historic Port.

The free event is open to all ages with six players from each team on the ice at any given time. Games will be played in 12-minute periods, while volunteer referees will call the game at their own discretion.

The old-fashioned tourney will focus on recreational values and hockey etiquette, so there are a couple rules to keep in mind: Only skates, gloves and hockey sticks are required. No goal equipment is allowed, neither are slapshots, body contact or raising the puck.

Anyone wanting to play can send an e-mail to gdepape@gmail.com. Further information is available online.

Teams currently competing in the warming hut competition will also compete on the ice beginning at 5 p.m. today. Czech Republic fans are expected to come out in droves, so The Forks has put the call out for their own fans to come and cheer on the other teams.

The tournament will run until Sunday.