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Photoblog Showcases Winnipeg’s Beauty

February 2, 2012 7:19 AM | Columns

Grant's Old Mill is one of many photographs showcased on the Winnipeg Is Beautiful website. (DAVID M. PERICH PHOTO)

A Winnipeg blog aimed at showing the beauty of the city is garnering the attention of professional photographers and those with a keen eye on what makes Winnipeg truly stand out.

Winnipeg Is Beautiful is a photoblog created by Erica Glasier, and has amassed some 14,000 views in about six weeks.

“I started the blog because I wished the whole city could see all the great Winnipeg stuff people are posting to Instagram, instead of just the small group of users there,” Glasier said.

Many of the photographs are taken using iPhones and creative editing apps, but some are traditionally shot with DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras.

Glasier says anyone wanting to contribute to help showcase Winnipeg’s beauty can send a photo with the title of their post in the subject line to post@beautifulwinnipeg.posterous.com. The body should include your name and any links you want linked (i.e. Twitter profile, website, etc.)