Manitoba Winter Road Unsafe Due to Warm Weather

By Sarah Klein

The stretch of winter road from Bloodvein to Island Lake in northern Manitoba is considered unsafe for travel.

The winter road system from Bloodvein to Island Lake in northern Manitoba isn’t safe for travel, according to MSAR Search and Rescue.

The organization warned Friday that multiple searches have been launched to retrieve, assist and locate missing community members trying to travel this stretch of winter road.

MSAR says there are parts of open water, which cause extremely dangerous driving conditions and could lead to a fatality due to immersion or exposure to the cold water. There is no way for community members to communicate if they require assistance, except by using a satellite phone.

“With the unseasonably warm weather the winter road conditions are not safe for travel and MSAR is not sure when or if the road between Bloodvien and Island Lake will be open,” Captain George Leonard said in a release.

To see which winter roads have been deemed safe for travel, visit the province’s website.


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