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MTS to Offer Wireless Customers Device Insurance

February 3, 2012 7:52 AM | News

MTS will now offer its cellular customers insurance on their wireless devices, as well as extended warranties to replace lost, stolen, or damaged phones.

The Wireless Protection Program — which also covers liquid damage — was announced this week for customers signing up for new hardware activations, or those upgrading their current hardware.

The program will replace cell phones, smartphones (excluding the iPhone), or wireless Internet devices, with a brand new replacement device with like or comparable features.

Of course, such coverage comes at a cost. MTS says the Complete Program, covering accidental damage, loss, theft and malfunction outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, will be $7 per month. The Extended Warranty Program, protecting you only after the device’s warranty has expired, will be $3 per month.

The service is being provided to MTS by eSecuritel, and will allow customers a maximum of two replacement devices within a 12-month period. Customers will not be able to exceed $1,000 per claim, beginning with the date of the first incident.

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