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Groups Aim to Loosen Gangs’ Grasp on Youth

February 8, 2012 7:19 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Members who make up the Gang Action Interagency Network (GAIN) will come together in Winnipeg today for a workshop to take the next step to ending youth involvement in street gangs.

The workshop — made up of 125 people — will bring organizations and agencies already involved in prevention, intervention and suppression of gang activities in Manitoba together, in order to develop a “Made-in-Manitoba” action plan. GAIN will also collaborate with governing bodies and school divisions to achieve a diverse and expansive perspective.

“We owe it to the youth of Winnipeg to come together and address the gang problem as a collective, and determine collective solutions,” said Jamil Mahmood, executive director of Spence Neighbourhood Association, and a member of GAIN. “Not one organization or group can solve the gang problem alone, and Winnipeg has a wealth of expertise to share.”

GAIN will meet at the Aboriginal Centre on Higgins Avenue at 9 a.m.

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