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Local Café a Haven for Those Living with Disabilities

March 1, 2012 7:40 AM | News

A new café in Transcona will provide work opportunities for people with a developmental or intellectual disability when it opens on April 3.

The L’Arche Tova Café at 119 Regent Avenue West is the brain child of a local charity, L’Arche Winnipeg Inc., and will highlight the gifts and abilities of its employees who lead normal lifestyles given their circumstances.

“We are excited that the café will provide the opportunity for residents of Winnipeg to get know people with a developmental disability,” said Jim Lapp, executive director of L’Arche Winnipeg Inc.

The restaurant had several funding partners in the process leading up to its grand opening.

“The generous donations from all these supporters have given the café a sound financial foundation that will allow us to provide good food, excellent service and a warm welcome. Our hope is that the café will be a community gathering place where friends will meet and new friends will be made.”

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