20 Firefighters Hired for South End Fire Paramedic Station

A firefighter and paramedic wheel an injured cyclist on stretcher to an ambulance in this file photo. (WPGCAMERAMAN / CHRISD.CA)

Twenty full-time firefighters will staff the new Sage Creek fire paramedic station in southeast Winnipeg.

The city and province jointly announced Thursday a $1.2 million investment for firefighters working out of the recently built station, which will help ensure fire and ambulance response times meet benchmarks.

“This part of the city is growing rapidly, and people living here need access to quality and timely emergency response services,” said Premier Greg Selinger. “This provincial funding will ensure the safety and well-being of families in this community.”

Selinger noted additional funding would be ongoing in the years to come.

Watch video from the original announcement of the Sage Creek station in July 2010:

ChrisD.ca video




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