Timeline Switch Flicked on ChrisD.ca Facebook Page

Timeline Switch Flicked on ChrisD.ca Facebook Page


On Wednesday, Facebook surprised many brand page administrators with a notification that the new Timeline format would be made mandatory in about a month. Never ones to shy away from change, we decided to enable the new layout immediately and start playing around with it.

Facebook users in general have had a similar layout on their personal profiles for several months, and while the rollout of Timeline continues across the network for all users, pages were still displayed in the traditional view.

One of the biggest changes with Timeline is the way information is displayed. Stories are split down the page and into columns on the left and right side of the screen in a hierarchical way. However, the biggest and most noticeable change is the ability to upload a cover photo. The 850px x 315px image is the first thing readers see when viewing a page. For us, we felt it was fitting to display a familiar Winnipeg scene and decided to use a wide angle shot taken at Assiniboine Park by photographer Marc Evans. We’ll change the cover photo every couple of weeks to keep things fresh.

For companies, one of the other benefits is the ability to pin a post to the wall, such as a popular story or video that we want to provide exposure for. We’ll also be testing this out to see how it boosts user interaction among the 800+ fans who currently “like” us.

In the meantime, we encourage you to like ChrisD.ca on Facebook and join in on the conversation.




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