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Manitoba Border Officials Report Busy February

March 13, 2012 8:55 AM | News

The Canada Border Services Agency refused entry to 66 individuals over the past month attempting to cross into Manitoba.

That’s just one of the statistics released by the CBSA on Monday that reported highlights in southern Manitoba over the past month.

Among the highlights is a woman who attempted to cross the border and travel to Winnipeg in a taxi on February 12. A border officer advised her of the cost such a ride would likely be. The officer asked a sports team in a bus that was about to leave the port if they could drive the woman to the city. The team agreed and the woman was on her way, but not before the officer gave her a list of taxi cab numbers to call if needed. She was headed to Winnipeg to visit her ailing father in the hospital.

Other cases involved travellers not properly declaring merchandise purchased south of the border, or undervaluing goods to save on paying taxes. In several incidents, the CBSA seized the merchandise and issued fines much larger than what the amount of tax would have been.

Officers also performed several breathalyzer tests on suspected individuals, in which the RCMP were called to issue a licence warning and a 24-hour suspension.

The CBSA says 19,512 vehicles crossed into Canada at the Emerson, Manitoba point of entry since February, as well as 14,967 commercial trucks.