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Construction at HSC Alters Entry for Visitors

March 15, 2012 6:48 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Construction to part of the Health Sciences Centre is affecting how the public accesses the William Avenue entrance. (HANDOUT)

Ongoing construction to the Health Sciences Centre’s Adult Emergency Department has altered the way patients access the building.

William Avenue is reduced to two lanes of traffic in most areas near HSC. The patient drop-off driveway on the south side of William is closed to vehicle traffic, except ambulances and police cars. As a result, four spaces on the street along the south side of William are available for temporary patient drop-off.

A covered walkway for pedestrians has been temporarily installed, while metered parking in front of the emergency department has been removed and replaced with four temporary drop-off spaces. Patients and visitors are encouraged to park in the William Avenue parkade.

HSC’s admitting/patient registration department will be moving from the 820 Sherbrook Street entrance to the 700 William Avenue entrance effective Monday, March 19.