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VIDEO: Manitobans Treated to Early Spring

March 17, 2012 9:30 AM | News

News writers and forecasters on the Prairies are beginning to sound like broken records, but when it comes to above seasonal temperatures like we’ve been experiencing in March, it’s hard to find anyone complaining.

And speaking of broken records of another kind… Winnipeg reached 19.9°C on Friday, surpassing the old daytime high of 12.4°C in 1981. We hit the streets to see how people were enjoying the balmy temperatures.


If you didn’t already break out the shorts yesterday, today doesn’t look too bad to show off some pasty, wintery skin. Environment Canada is calling for a high of 17°C, and an even more impressive 28°C on Sunday and 24°C on Monday. With numbers like that, we’re in for an extended spring and summer season. Spring — in case you didn’t think it was already here — officially arrives on Tuesday. Ice cream and patio weather when it’s still technically winter? Wacky weather indeed.

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