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Winnipeg Begins Spring Cleanup One Month Early

March 19, 2012 2:56 PM | News

The City of Winnipeg has rolled out its spring cleanup crews a month early due to the unseasonably warm weather.

Crews began sweeping downtown streets on Sunday night and will expand their operation to all regional streets by Tuesday, including bridges and underpasses.

“We’ve never started street sweeping operations in March, but warm weather, a quick melt and dry conditions have allowed the city to start sweeping downtown and on main routes about a month ahead of schedule,” said Ken Boyd, manager of Streets Maintenance. “This initial round of street sweeping will remove sand and other debris from main routes and will help to control dusty conditions.”

The city will move on to remaining streets, sidewalks, back lanes, parks, and boulevards once main routes are completed — likely by mid-April.

The cleanup will take about two weeks to complete and include 75 pieces of equipment.

Motorists who park on streets marked with “no parking” signs during cleanup periods may be ticketed and towed.