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St. Vital, South Osborne Winnipeg’s Most Littered Areas

March 24, 2012 8:20 AM | News

By David Klassen

Take Pride Winnipeg! has compiled a list of the city’s most dirtiest neighbourhoods as part of its Litter Index.

Rated 1 to 4, with 1 representing no litter and 4 representing extremely littered, the city was divided into 12 areas. The average rating for Winnipeg was 2.18.

“This is the earliest we have ever completed the litter index, because of spring’s early arrival,” said Tom Ethans, executive director of Take Pride Winnipeg!. “There are a lot of littered streets, and we need all Winnipeggers to do their part in cleaning them up.”

The results:

Area 1: Northwest (2.12)      Area 7: Downtown (1.97)
Area 2: North/Central (2.06)  Area 8: St. Boniface (2.13)
Area 3: Northeast (2.16)      Area 9: St. Vital/South Osborne (2.93)
Area 4: Transcona (2.36)      Area 10: Southwest (2.13)
Area 5: West (1.98)         Area 11: Fort Rouge/Lindenwoods/Fort Garry (2.05)
Area 6: West End (2.0)      Area 12: Fort Garry/Fort Richmond/St. Norbert (2.32)

Any community group, business or school that wishes to join the Tim Hortons Team Up to Clean Up campaign can do so through Take Pride Winnipeg! More than 9,000 volunteers are registered for the upcoming spring cleanups. The organization will provide free garbage bags.