Taxpayer Watchdog Drops Hammer on Fish Marketing Board

WINNIPEG — The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is fuming over questionable expenses it obtained for a Winnipeg-based, government-run fish marketing board.

Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation (FFMC) handles catches for fishermen in Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon and Ontario. The FFMC is being accused of shelling out thousands on expensive meals, golf memberships, booze, NHL tickets, Air Canada lounge memberships, car bills, car washes, ritzy hotel bills, and other items.

“Fishermen should not be forced to sell their catch to a government marketing board that regularly expenses $100 per person dinners,” said Colin Craig, CTF Prairie Director. “It’s time for the federal government to let fishermen decide if they want to sell their fish on their own or to the marketing board.”

Figures obtained by the CTF under the Freedom of Information Act show $2,435 for five nights in a hotel, $594 in meals for two colleagues, thousands in golfing fees, four tickets to a Minnesota Wild NHL game at $340, and several thousand dollars in dinners.

“It’s infuriating that we’re forced to sell our catch to a government marketing board that expenses golf memberships, car washes and Air Canada Executive lounge memberships,” said Amanda Stevenson, a local fishermen. “Those expensive bills reduce the amount fishermen receive for their catch from the marketing board. It’s time to let Fishermen decide if they want to sell own their own or to the marketing board.”




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