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Winnipeg Tourism Sees $506M Economic Boost

April 5, 2012 8:49 AM | News

Winnipeg skyline (MARC EVANS / CHRISD.CA FILE)

Tourism and related expenditures by visitors to Winnipeg was up in 2010, according to new data released by Tourism Winnipeg.

Based on Statistics Canada’s travel consumer surveys, the local organization says there was a seven percent jump in tourism, or roughly 2.8 million visits to the city in that year.

“Winnipeg saw direct visitor expenditures increase five per cent, generating an estimated $506 million from transportation, food and beverage, accommodation, recreation, entertainment and retail-related expenses,” said Marina R. James, president and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. “This is significant as tourism is a major industry sector in Winnipeg, supporting approximately 44,000 related jobs.”

Visits to friends and family accounted for 42 percent of all travel to Winnipeg in 2010, which was also the year of the Manitoba Homecoming initiative.