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McFadyen: Province’s Budget is a $184M Tax Hike

April 17, 2012 4:20 PM | News

Hugh McFadyen (CHRISD.CA FILE)

The official opposition says the province’s budget is a $184 million burden to Manitoba families.

Progressive Conservative Party leader Hugh McFadyen accused the NDP government on Tuesday of breaking their election promises, while doing nothing to address the “long-term issues of high taxes, crippling red tape and out-of-control spending.”

“There is an iceberg out there, and (Premier) Greg Selinger is driving right at it,” McFadyen said. “He betrayed his promise to Manitobans not to raise taxes. He betrayed his promise to Manitobans to balance the budget in 2014. It is clear today that Greg Selinger has never had the intention of balancing the budget –not in 2014, not ever.”

McFadyen said relaxing Sunday shopping hours and reducing the number of regional health authorities in the province are simply smokescreens to hide tax increases.

“Gas prices in Manitoba have increased twelve perent already this year. Greg Selinger thinks Manitoba families should pay more. This is on top of increased property taxes, increased hydro rates and increases for day care fees, and $184 million in tax increases. Manitobans should hang on to their wallets.”