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Siloam Mission Challenging Local Schools to Fundraise

April 19, 2012 7:55 AM | News

Siloam Mission, 300 Princess Street (HANDOUT)

Siloam Mission is calling on Winnipeg schools to step up and possibly win the chance to host a concert featuring Fresh IE and Sean Quigley.

The first annual Youth For Change Day is June 1, where the school that fundraises the most for the downtown homeless shelter will win the right to host the event.

“We keep saying that the young people are our future, but how are we inspiring them to take charge of their communities and make change happen?” asked Floyd Perras, executive director of Siloam Mission.

Ecole Charleswood School, Warren Elementary School and others have already signed up for the city-wide challenge. The school that raises the most money by May 18 will be the winner. Results will be announced on May 22.

Schools can sign up online or by calling (204) 956-4344.