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Manitoba Launches Online Organ and Tissue Donor Registry

April 23, 2012 11:21 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger signs up online to be an organ donor following an announcement at the Millenium Library on Monday, April 23, 2012. (CHRISD.CA)

The Manitoba government has launched an online organ and tissue donor registry.

A new website (SignUpForLife.ca) will easily allow perspective donors to sign up and give their consent to have their organs donated when they pass on. Organs will be donated to those people requiring a transplant as the result of an injury or disease.

Any Manitoba resident, 18 years of age and over, can register online their intent to become an organ and tissue donor. Individuals’ donation wishes will be stored in a secure Manitoba eHealth database.

“Even in cases where one is not able to be an organ donor, a person may be able to dramatically change the life of up to 80 people through the gift of donated tissues such as eyes, bone and skin,” said Chris Snow, director of Tissue Bank Manitoba.


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