Blue Bombers Opening Mini Camp on Wednesday

Blue Bombers Opening Mini Camp on Wednesday

A three-day mini camp will give fans a taste of what to expect this season out of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

From Wednesday to Friday, the Blue Bombers will host the camp at Canad Inns Stadium from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

The following players will be attending mini camp:

  • Quarterbacks — Buck Pierce, Alex Brink, Joey Elliott, Justin Goltz
  • Running Backs — Chris Garrett, Chad Simpson, Anthony Woodson, Jordan Matechuk
  • Wide Receivers — Kito Poblah, Clarence Denmark, Cassidy Doneff, Rory Kolhert, Cory Watson, Kurt Adams
  • Offensive Linemen — Chris Greaves, Chris Kowalczuk, Steve Morley, Justin Sorenson, Paul Swiston, Glenn January
  • Defensive Linemen — Pierre-Luc Labbe, Henoc Muamba, Marcellus Bowman, Dustin Doe
  • Defensive Backs — Jonathan Hefney, Deon Beasley, Jovon Johnson, Darrel Pasco




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