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St. James Street the Worst Road in Manitoba: CAA

April 25, 2012 10:21 AM | News

CAA Manitoba has concluded its Worst Roads campaign and has found St. James Street in Winnipeg to be the worst road in need of repair throughout the province.

While there are likely other more suited candidates for the dubious title, St. James Street received the most public votes (455 from a share of 3,454 overall) during the four-week campaign.

“In the last few days of the campaign, we saw a big bump in the votes coming in — and the total number of roads jumped from 450 to 484 too,” said CAA spokesperson Liz Peters. “We knew people were frustrated with the state of our roads, but when this many people log on to vote, it tells us they care about more than just complaining. They care about finding a solution too.”

CAA Manitoba will now analyze the data on a road-by-road basis, before presenting the lists to government and then making the entire report and the rest of the top ten list public. The final report, segmented by road and community, is expected to be made public early next week.