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Rowing Club’s Annual House on May 26

May 17, 2012 7:08 AM | Sports

Master instructor Kaitilin Rempel guides a young boy during the Winnipeg Rowing Club's open house in June 2011. (TED GRANT / CHRISD.CA FILE)

The Red River is waiting for rowers to take advantage of it this season, as the Winnipeg Rowing Club is now up and running again.

The Rowing Club will hold a public open house on Saturday, May 26 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. to show off the programs and activities it has to offer.

Tours of the facility will be given, as the public learns all about indoor training, boats and the boathouse. You can even try rowing yourself if you’re up for it.

The WRC is located at 20 Lyndale Drive.