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Fielding Calls for Cloud-Based Storage of City Data

May 18, 2012 11:05 AM | News

Storing files in the cloud could be in the City of Winnipeg’s future after a motion was brought forward Friday.

St. James-Brooklands councillor Scott Fielding called for further study into the idea of cloud computing as a way to reduce costs, save space and go green.

“Cloud computing is innovative, can provide cost-savings and is a green approach to delivering information technology services,” Fielding said. “This motion asks our administration to have a Cloud First Strategy, where they look at cloud computing options first and develop a supporting business case when they see opportunities that could potentially save millions of dollars.”

Services such as Apple’s iCloud and Dropbox have increased the popularity of cloud-based storage for digital files in recent years.

The city says it’s saved $1.5 million annually already with cloud computing, reducing the number of city data centres from 10 to two.

Fielding will have his motion reviewed by the Alternate Service Delivery Committee on May 22.