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Hundreds of Tickets Issued During Road Safety Blitz

May 23, 2012 10:50 AM | News

Manitoba RCMP were busy this past May long weekend during Canada Road Safety Week.

Officers targeted high-risk drivers from May 14-21, looking for those who were impaired behind the wheel or disobeyed traffic safety laws.

On May 19, police issued a speeding ticket for $1,092.50 to a 19-year-old man on Highway 1 just east of Portage la Prairie. The driver was travelling 182 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. Besides the fine, the driver could have his licence suspended for three months.

Other statistics:

  • 50 x Criminal Code impaired driving offences (impaired, over .08, refusal)
  • 5 x 24-hour alcohol related roadside suspensions
  • 87 x failing to wear their seat belts
  • 13 x distracted driving (cell phones)
  • 589 x speed/aggressive driving
  • 32 x fail to stop at intersections
  • 24 x drive while prohibited/suspended
  • 8 x other CC driving offences
  • 227 x other Highway Traffic Act/Liquor Control Act offences

There was one fatality during the week-long campaign when a 14-year-old collided with another vehicle while riding his dirt bike.

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