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CAA Backs Report to Further Electric Vehicle Use

June 1, 2012 1:12 PM | News

CAA Manitoba is throwing its support behind a report released Friday by the Electric Vehicle Advisory Committee to further the use of electric vehicles in the province.

The report, “Realizing the Potential for Electric Vehicles in Manitoba,” looks at ways of implementing wide-spread electric vehicle use and makes recommendations on reducing emissions by using hybrid and electric vehicles.

“We didn’t just look at educating the general public about the benefits and potential challenges of going electric,” said Tom Mark, CAA Manitoba’s vice-president of Automotive Services and Logistics. “We went further, looking at the economic impacts and a variety of incentives to make owning an electric vehicle more appealing.”

CAA previously introduced its own electric vehicle campaign, Get Current, and says the organization is eager to move forward with the government on the recommendations outlined in the report.