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Chamber to Address Fate of Lake Winnipeg

June 7, 2012 6:41 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

Lake Winnipeg (CHRISD.CA FILE)

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has set out to better manage the Lake Winnipeg watershed by adopting a set of strategic priorities with a number of partner organizations.

The Chamber will present a video by Lake Friendly on June 14, “What You Do Matters,” which will demonstrate their efforts as they look to preserve the watershed for future generations.

“Lake Winnipeg is the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world and faces a multitude of environmental challenges,” the Chamber said. “Nutrient loads on Lake Winnipeg have apparently exceeded ecological thresholds and (it’s) now deservedly the subject of concerted scientific and institutional attention.”

The video will be presented at the Fort Garry Hotel. Tickets range in price from $25 to $40.

The event will also coincide with World Water Day.


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