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‘Recycle Everywhere’ Partners with City, Province

June 13, 2012 6:44 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Public recycle bins will start rolling out soon in city- and provincial-run facilities.

The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) announced Tuesday it has started to install Recycle Everywhere bins in City of Winnipeg buildings.

“Bins have been rolled out in Kildonan Park, Assiniboine Park and three golf courses so far,” said Ken Friesen, CBCRA executive director. “Planning is underway for bins to be installed in various arenas, pools, community centres, and other facilities and soon Winnipeggers will have convenient access to beverage container recycling.”

The bins will also be placed in government buildings, provincial parks and roadside stops.

“Improving beverage container recovery is a key objective for Manitoba,” said Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh. “The province established a target of 75 percent recovery for beverage containers and I’m pleased that CBCRA has committed to achieving the target by 2016.”

The Recycle Everywhere program was started in the summer of 2010 to promote away-from-home recycling of beverage containers in Manitoba.

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