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VIDEO: Water Bus Up and Running at The Forks

June 29, 2012 2:08 PM | Entertainment

After being docked for the past three years due to high water levels, the Splash Dash Water Bus is now operating for the summer.

Owner and operator Gord Cartwright launched the water taxi service Friday from The Forks, which will service six city docks.

The water bus will run on the Red and Assiniboine rivers with another similar boat and make stops at each dock about every 15 minutes.

Paul Jordan, COO of The Forks, said with the exception of the occasional duck crossing, the water bus is a fast way to get between Corydon Avenue, the Manitoba Legislative Building, Norwood, Tache Avenue, the Exchange District, and back to The Forks.

“You really get to move along. There’s no parking and no hassles. It’s really a great service,” Jordan said.

Because of the ongoing construction with the Osborne Street Bridge this year, the Osborne dock is out of service. However, officials hope to have it open by next season.

For a schedule of run times and tour prices, visit SplashDash.ca.

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