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10-Digit Dialing Begins in Manitoba on Sunday

July 25, 2012 9:30 AM | News

The transition to 10-digit dialing to accomodate Manitoba’s new area code (431) will begin on Sunday, July 29.

Starting this weekend, local calls dialed with seven digits may be interrupted by a network message reminding callers to first enter the area code. Calls will continue to be connected until October 20, 2012, after which time seven-digit local calls will not be completed.

“If they have not already done so, residents and businesses are urged to add the area code 204 to programmed numbers in all of their telecommunications devices (e.g., phones, fax machines, computers),” said Glenn Pilley, spokesperson for the Canadian Numbering Administrator.

“They must also include their 10-digit phone numbers on cheques, advertising, and stationery; and update their employee, client, supplier, and other databases.”

To supplement the already existing 204 area code, 431 will be gradually introduced as of November 3.

Special numbers like 911, 411, 311, etc. will still be dialed using three digits.