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Manitoba Museum Overhauling Planetarium Experience

September 7, 2012 7:28 AM | Entertainment

The Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium is undergoing a major upgrade that will overhaul its projection technology.

Having closed on September 4, the museum plans to install a $350,000 projection system to enhance the visitor experience using two wide-angle video projectors to cover the entire dome with a single seamless video image.

“We’ve been watching this technology mature since 1994, and it’s finally at the point where it works well and there is a lot of great content available for it,” said Scott Young, manager of Science Communications and Visitor Experiences. “We’re really looking forward to bringing fulldome video to the Planetarium. Visitors are going to be wowed.”

It’s the biggest improvement the Planetarium has made in its 42-year history.

The Planetarium will reopen Saturday, October 6 with a lineup of brand new shows. The museum will announce its content lineup later this month.