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Search and Rescue Teams to Train at Riding Mountain

September 12, 2012 7:24 AM | News

Manitoba search and rescue (SAR) teams will participate in an exercise at Riding Mountain National Park later this month. (PARKS CANADA)

A provincial search and rescue training exercise will take place at Riding Mountain National Park from September 28 to 30, creating the scenario for teams to rehearse for real life situations.

Manitoba’s SAR teams will take part in the annual exercise with teams from other jurisdictions. The advance familiarization with each unit’s strengths and capabilities can translate into valuable time saved during a real life SAR event.

The exercise is designed to give participants an opportunity to put their skills to the test, enhance existing skills and develop new skills, as well as work with partners. The event is being coordinated by the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner with the assistance of the RCMP “D” Division SAR Team, the South-Central Mutual Aid District Volunteer Search & Rescue Manitoba (SARMAN) Team, and the RMNP Visitor Safety Program.

— Staff