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Grass Fire Continues to Burn on Loudoun Road

October 2, 2012 5:06 PM | News

Firefighters returned to battle the same blaze on Loudoun Road that kept them busy this past Sunday.

Grass began to smoulder again Tuesday morning in the Charleswood neighbourhood, making it difficult for crews to access water in the area and maneuver their trucks close to the scene. The fire — burning in a field between Loudoun Road and McCreary Road — was made equally as tricky to fight due to the recent dry conditions and high winds.

Platoon Chief Albert Sigusson said firefighters were using backpack sprayers on ATVs to bring in water to fight the blaze. It’s less effective than a traditional hose and pumper, but was the only option available to emergency crews.

Some area residents were asked to evacuate their homes, while others self-evacuated as a precaution. Nearby livestock was also moved to a safer location.

Winnipeg police closed several roads in the vicinity, including Wilkes Avenue at Loudoun Road and McCreary Road, and McGillivray Boulevard at Loudoun and McCreary.

Elsewhere in the province, the community of Vita southeast of Winnipeg was evacuated Tuesday due to fire. Residents relocated to a church in Steinbach as a temporary evacuation centre. Fires were also burning in St. Malo, Richer and Milner Ridge. A number of back country travel restrictions were also put in place.

Under these travel restrictions:

  • backcountry travel, including hiking and all-terrain vehicles, will not be permitted;
  • canoeing and boating will be restricted to developed shorelines for landing/launching;
  • camping will only be allowed in developed campgrounds; and
  • aircraft will only be permitted to use lakes with developed shorelines or docks.

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