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Manitoba Launches Microloans Program for Newcomers

October 12, 2012 12:16 PM | News

The Manitoba government is giving skilled immigrants to the province the ability to work in their field by providing microloans to receive Canadian certification and training.

The new program, “Recognition Counts! Micro Loans for Skilled Immigrants,” was launched Friday and allows newcomers to obtain the resources they need to become qualified and recognized in their field of work.

The loans, up to $10,000 each, will cover everything from the cost of new tools to paying for certification exams or for additional training. The program also gives low-income, high-skilled newcomers valuable career and financial counselling to help address challenges with entering the labour market.

One of the first loan applicants is Esam Beshay, who worked as a dentist in Egypt for seven years before moving to Canada.

Without any savings and a family of four to support, Esam applied to Recognition Counts! for a loan to cover living expenses. He hopes to practice in Northern Manitoba after becoming certified to work in Canada.

The province is providing $250,000 to the program over the next three years with support from the federal government.

Recognition Counts! will be delivered by SEED Winnipeg and Assiniboine Credit Union.

— Staff