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City Recognizes Organizations for Public Accessibility

October 16, 2012 1:51 PM | News

By Tyler Sutherland

The City of Winnipeg on Tuesday recognized five organizations with providing accessibility for all citizens.

Mayor Sam Katz handed out the 2012 Accessibility Awards as selected by the city’s access advisory committee.

The winners are:

  • Parks Canada and Variety the Children’s Charity for the Adventure Playground at the Forks
  • The University of Winnipeg for the Richardson Environment and Science Complex
  • Manitoba Centennial Centre for the Steinkopf Gardens
  • The Province of Manitoba for the Province of Manitoba Birthing Centre
  • The Winnipeg Airport Authority for the James Richardson International Airport (Honourable Mention)

University of Manitoba professor Kelly Beaverford and the City of Winnipeg public works department received special recognition awards.