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U of M Designates Carpool-Only Parking Spots

October 16, 2012 9:57 AM | News

The University of Manitoba has created 24 carpool-only parking spots to encourage environmentally-friendly transportation.

The carpool spots will be located in the Q Lot on the U of M’s Fort Garry campus and are for students who travel with at least one passenger. A designated Q Lot parking permit will still be needed to use the spots. The lot will have 12 carpool parking stalls and U Lot will have 12.

“This new parking category supports the University of Manitoba’s commitment to campus sustainability, which is a priority of the president and the university,” said Cameron Neufeld, manager of parking services. “By encouraging carpooling we hope to reduce vehicle emissions and reduce road congestion.”

More carpool stalls will be added in other on-campus lots as the program expands.

— Staff

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