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Being Energy-Efficient Easier Under Hydro Financing Plan

November 5, 2012 10:34 AM | News

A new energy-efficiency plan will make it easier for Manitobans to save on energy costs when making home improvements.

The province and Manitoba Hydro jointly announced the new Power Smart Pay-as-You-Save (PAYS) financing program on Monday. The program will help consumers reduce energy consumption and cover upfront costs when upgrading their homes.

Manitoba Hydro will finance the upfront capital cost of approved cost?effective energy- and water-efficiency improvements to a consumer’s home. Costs to Hydro will be recovered as customers pay back the financing with the savings on their bill.

Items that can be financed under the program include high-efficiency gas furnaces, geothermal systems, insulation, drain-water heat recovery systems and water-saving toilets.

— Staff