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New $20 Polymer Bank Note Begins Circulation

November 7, 2012 9:01 AM | News

Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty hold up the new $20 Canadian polymer bank notes, which go into circulation today. (BANK OF CANADA / HANDOUT)

The Bank of Canada will begin circulating the new $20 polymer bank note today.

The first of the new plastic-based bills will be introduced gradually over the next two years. Financial institutions will slowly transition to the new bills similar to the newer-style $50 bank notes.

The $20 note contains an image of the Vimy Ridge monument commemorating the First World War battle, while the front shows Queen Elizabeth II. Design, production and installation of the new bill cost the Bank of Canada $35,832.

Canadians are already using two other polymer notes, the $50 and $100 bills. Additional notes — the $5 and $10 polymer currency — will be issued by the end of 2013.

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