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Fairs and Exhibitions Convention Being Held in Winnipeg

November 14, 2012 10:08 AM | News

Red River Ex (HANDOUT)

The Red River Ex is seven months away, but Winnipeg will see all things fair-related during a four-day convention starting today.

The 86th Annual Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions is meeting in Winnipeg. More than 200 delegates are arriving to take in keynote speakers, workshop presentations, showcase entertainment and the Canadian Youth Talent Competition.

“The combined economic impact of all Canadian fairs and exhibitions amounts to over $1 billion. The fair business is big business and we are looking forward to a wealth of knowledge being traded, the opportunity to showcase new entertainment ideas and the ability to showcase Winnipeg to the rest of Canada,” said Garth Rogerson, CEO of the Red River Exhibition Association, who is also hosting the convention.

The convention wraps up on Saturday and is being held at the Delta Winnipeg.

— Staff