Book Pokes at Winnipeg’s Stereotype as a Cheap City

Winnipeggers have a reputation for being frugal, or cheap, to put it bluntly.

Now a local syndicated newspaper columnist and radio host has put out a book for all the tightwads out there on ways to save their dough.

“The Official Guide to Being a Winnipeg Cheapskate” is a book by West Kildonan resident Jeremy Bradley, which recognizes and embraces the stereotype that penny-pinching prairie folk might be frugal, but the claim to fame should be worn as a badge of honour.

“I grew up in the North End and worked hard for every penny I have,” Bradley said. “I thought I had a good sense of how to save money but once I bought a house it didn’t take me long to figure out my own tricks to bring down my expenses.”

Bradley began testing the market for his book this summer at farmers’ markets.

“I met a lot of North Enders who were certain they had thought of every way to save — until I quizzed them about ideas in the book. They were enlightened by the tips I came up with for getting stuff free at a store or how to simply ask for significant price reductions.”

The book is available for purchase online. Naturally, it comes with a 20% discount coupon code.


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