Beware of Flood-Damaged Vehicles from Hurricane Sandy: MPI

MPI is warning Manitobans about purchasing flood-damaged vehicles from the United States. (JULY MILOSEVIC / MANITOBAPHOTOS.COM)

Manitoba Public Insurance has a warning for potential vehicle buyers: Be aware of flood-damaged vehicles from the United States.

Following Hurricane Sandy on the east coast in October, MPI says damaged vehicles could make their way into the province. Nearly 700,000 vehicles were flooded or heavily damaged due to the hurricane.

“Buyers should be aware of what they are purchasing,” said Ward Keith of MPI.

“A flood damaged vehicle can be dangerous. Water can enter electronic components of vehicles, causing corrosion and malfunctioning of important safety features such as airbags. There may also be health concerns because of mould and other toxins.”

Vehicles that have been damaged by flood waters will be marked as “irreparable” and cannot be insured after entering Canada. To check if a vehicle has been damaged internally, a VIN number search can be performed online.

If unsure about a vehicle’s history, buyers should have it inspected by a certified automative technician before buying. Other warning signs could be damp or musty odours, rust or mud in the trunk, glove box and beneath the seats, and a water line marked by mud or silt under the hood.


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