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United Way Facing Shortfall in Year-End Campaign

December 13, 2012 10:20 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

The United Way of Winnipeg is closing in on its fundraising goal for the year, but is still looking at an estimated $300,000 shortfall.

The organization on Thursday made a plea for donations in reaching its goal this year, as commitments of personal gifts and workplace campaigns are still coming in.

In September, United Way’s senior volunteers announced a goal of $20.4 million — needed to continue supporting and strengthening the its network of life-changing programs and services to reduce poverty, help kids reach their potential, and inspire stronger and healthier people and communities.

“We’re getting close to the holidays,” said 2012 campaign chair Doug Finkbeiner. “And while our thoughts appropriately turn to our family and celebrating all we have to be thankful for, there are thousands of people that are struggling to hang on. Their thoughts are focused on somehow being able to find an affordable place to live, or finally land a stable job, or even just be able to provide a lunch for their kids to take to school every day next week. Every dollar of this goal will contribute to the programs and services that are there to help these people when they need it most.”

Winnipeggers can donate online, by calling (204) 477-5360 or by visiting 580 Main Street weekdays between 8:45 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.