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Critics Slam NDP’s Sale of Property Registry

December 14, 2012 8:14 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Progressive Conservative Party leader Brian Pallister (CHRISD.CA FILE)

The Progressive Conservative Party isn’t pleased the provincial government has sold off a publicly-owned asset to a private firm.

On Thursday, Manitoba’s NDP announced the sale of the Property Registry to Teranet Manitoba for $75 million. The company, which is owned by the Ontario municipal employees’ retirement system, will operate the registry and pay royalties to the province of $11 million annually.

“This sale does nothing to address the spending problems of this government. Based on the NDP’s budget this sale will cover 2.3 days of spending. So, what are they going to sell on Saturday?,” Opposition leader Brian Pallister said.

“Until the government acknowledges its lack of discipline when it comes to spending, it will continue to run deficits and raise taxes on Manitoba families. The NDPs spending problem has become Manitoban’s tax problem.”

Tory MLA Myrna Driedger voiced her concern on Twitter, adding, “FOR 13 Years the NDP howled against privatization!! OMG.”