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Speeding Motorist Grazes Side of Tow Truck

December 18, 2012 9:06 AM | News

A close call for a tow truck driver last weekend has prompted CAA Manitoba to remind motorists to slow down and move over while passing their workers and other emergency vehicles.

CAA says one of their drivers was finishing up a call on December 16 when a passing car grazed his truck, hitting the side view mirror.

According to CAA, the truck’s emergency beacons were still lit as the service worker was packing up on the driver’s side of the truck.

“Thankfully our driver wasn’t hurt and is trained to be cautious while working on the side of the road, but not everyone is as aware,” said CAA Manitoba president and CEO Mike Mager. “Imagine if that had been a car full of kids unpacking groceries with their mother in front of their house?”

The incident comes as the Manitoba government has recently proposed amending the Highway Traffic Act to reduce speed limits when passing tow trucks and emergency vehicles. When the speed limit is regularly 79 km/hour or less, motorists must slow down to 40 km/hour. When the speed is regularly 80 km/hour or more, motorists must slow down to 60 km/hour.