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Red Cross Warns of ‘Doomsday’ on Friday

December 20, 2012 9:16 AM | News

The Canadian Red Cross wants to ensure people are well prepared for the end of the world. That is, if you believe the Mayan prophecy that “doomsday” will come on Friday, December 21.

In a comical news release on Wednesday, the aid organization said, “After surviving a near-miss when Halley’s Comet failed to be pulled into Earth’s orbit in 1986 as predicted, and avoiding the ruinous effects of Y2K, Earth’s inhabitants again face the prospect of a calamitous end of the world.”

Denis Dion, the Red Cross’ national director of disaster management, said Canadians should ready themselves and their family for any emergency.

“Two-thirds of Canadians say they have not taken steps to prepare for a disaster,” he said.

The Red Cross recommends every household have the following items in an emergency kit for whatever might come their way…

  •  Water: two litres per person per day, to last 72 hours
  • Food: non-perishable food for each family member, to last 72 hours
  • Manual can opener
  • Crank- or battery-operated flashlight and radio, with extra batteries
  • Extra car and house keys
  • First aid kit
  • Cash in small bills
  • Special needs items like medications, baby supplies and equipment for people with disabilities

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