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Cold Snap Prompts CAA to Remind Motorists to ‘Plug In’

December 26, 2012 8:05 AM | News

With no end in sight to the cold snap gripping Winnipeg, CAA Manitoba wants to ensure motorists are prepared for the elements.

The automobile association is reminding vehicle owners to plug in over the holidays and prepare properly for road trips.

“During the most recent cold snap, we had more than 750 calls in one 24 hour period, more than half were battery-related problems,” said CAA Manitoba spokesperson Liz Peters. “We don’t expect it to be as busy this week because fewer people are driving, but people still need to be prepared.”

Peters said a vehicle’s battery needs twice as much power to start the engine when the temperature hits -18°C.

On a typical winter day with moderate freezing temperatures, CAA Manitoba gets 200 calls for service. When the temperature dips below -20°C, the calls for help usually double or triple.

Tips from CAA:

  • Carry a fully-stocked emergency roadside kit in your trunk – especially if are venturing out on the highways;
  • If you aren’t driving for several days in a row, turn your car on every day for a few minutes; and,
  • Have “plug-in plan” if you are leaving home for extended periods of time.

— Staff