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Winter’s Wrath Loosening Grip on City

December 27, 2012 8:26 AM | News

A group of kids play hockey at The Forks earlier this week. (HOWARD WONG / CHRISD.CA)

Winnipeg appears to be in store for a brief reprieve from winter’s icy grip on the city.

Environment Canada is calling for a high of -12°C today and Friday — a welcome change from the low to mid -20’s we felt earlier this week as daytime highs.

With warmer temperatures on the way — and the word “warmer” is used quite loosely — it may be a good time to break in those ice skates or snowboard Santa brought you for Christmas. The Forks has already opened up parts of its River Trail, along with a new urban snowboard hill at Arctic Glacier Winter Park behind the parkade.

But don’t get too comfortable and start throwing away outer layers — Saturday’s high is forecasted to be only -20°C.

— Staff