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Manitobans Hit with Higher Fees in 2013

December 31, 2012 8:44 AM | News

Manitobans will have to dig deeper into their pockets in the new year, as fees increase for a number of services.

Starting January 1, Winnipeg Transit fares will go up to $2.50 per ride, and monthly passes will increase to $82.80 from $77.

Manitoba Hydro rates could go up in April if the Public Utilities Board approves a 3.5% increase. Rates increased by 2.5% earlier this year.

The City of Winnipeg is also increasing water and sewer rates by 4.3% to offset the cost of $1.2 billion in provincially-mandated upgrades to its sewage treatment facilities, as well as inflation.

It will also cost you more to fly, as Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport increases its airport improvement fee from $20 to $25 for departing passengers. Jet-setters in general will have to shell out more in the form of a passport, as the cost for the five-year travel document goes up to $120 from $87.

The increases come on the heels of a Statistics Canada report showing household debt-to-income ratio now stands at 164.6% nationwide.

— Staff