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Respiratory Infection in Infants on the Rise at HSC

January 3, 2013 10:04 AM | News

Health Sciences Centre (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

Health Sciences Centre (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is warning of an increased number of respiratory infections in young children at the Health Sciences Centre.

The HSC Children’s Hospital is seeing an increase of the RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) in newborns, which is causing bronchiolitis.

“These types of respiratory infections can be very serious. Babies less than 12 months old are most vulnerable to contracting bronchiolitis from respiratory infections and may require hospitalization,” said Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg.

The hospital has confirmed 149 lab cases of RSV infection since August 2012 with the majority occurring in December and November. Nearly half of the cases are in babies aged one to six months.

Dr. Rockman-Greenberg says the best method of prevention is basic hygiene.

“Keep babies away from public crowded areas like shopping malls and schools where there may be people with colds or other illnesses. Most importantly, remember to wash your hands frequently — especially after you touch your face, the face of your child and after contact with any other person who is ill.”